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At CC's Mauka to Makai Tutoring, we nourish and practice the Hawaiian value of ho‘omau, which means to persevere. In order to be successful in mathematics, students must learn to not give up amidst challenges. Success in math requires a growth mindset, essentially a belief that they can do well in math (or anything) if they work hard.


Aloha can have multiple meanings, but the one that we choose is compassion. We tutor with compassion and understand that math can be difficult and frustrating. We strive to teach students how to deal with  feelings of anxiety and frustration, and become confident with their problem-solving skills. 

Lastly, ‘ike loa means to seek knowledge and wisdom. We love helping students to see the limitless connections between math and the world we live in. Becoming successful in math will often require students to realize the power and relevance of mathematics, and to look inward to assess attitude and patience. It is our hope that students will find joy in the process of learning about themselves and the beauty of math. 

CC's Mauka to Makai Tutoring assesses all students for missing concepts in their mathematical foundation, and remediates gaps in knowledge with individualized lesson plans. We will keep a record of all student goals. As we work together, student goals will evolve and will be discussed with student and parents. Goals are individualized and may focus on mastery of specific topics, attitude, communication, etc.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning
How Tutoring Works at CC's Mauka to Makai
Our Hawaiian Values:
Ho‘omau, Aloha,
and ‘Ike loa

CC's Mauka to Makai Tutoring offers individual online math tutoring sessions.  

We can help with remedial work/math foundations, homework, test preparation and test-taking strategies.  For a complete list of all subject areas that we offer tutoring in, please go to the Services page.

At CC's Mauka to Makai Tutoring, we encourage students to approach problems from multiple angles.  There are often many ways to solve math problems, and in order to be successful, students need to learn how to problem-solve and be flexible with their thinking.

Interesting Facts:
The importance of a Growth Mindset in learning about math


"Motivation is the most important factor in determining whether you succeed in the long run. What I mean by motivation is not only the desire to achieve, but also the love of learning, the love of challenge, and the ability to thrive on obstacles. These are the greatest gifts we can give our students." (Dweck 2006)  

Harder Math and Science in the
ACT Exam


"While the redesigned SAT narrows its focus and makes a pronounced move towards algebra (which now accounts for more than 60% of the test), the ACT appears to be moving in the opposite direction, expanding its scope to incorporate a broader variety of advanced topics." 

(Jed Applerouth, PhD; July 11, 2016)

Fun Math Apps for your child!

Click link to see a list of free or low-cost math apps for your child to practice math skills! (May 8, 2017)


"I can't say enough about Chantel Chang. She is an amazing math tutor. Before I started with Chantel I was struggling in math and felt discouraged. My math scores were low, and my confidence was even lower. After only two months, every test I have taken, has been my highest score. On my last test, I got only one wrong. That equals an "A". Chantel is very thorough in her tutoring. After each lesson, she emails a review, complete with diagrams and explanations to my parents and I. I highly recommend Chantel Chang!"

- Mahina, 8th grade student

   March 2018

"Entering that all-so-important Junior year, our daughter began Algebra II/Trig with much trepidation, anxiety and so-so scores.  Algebra has always been a difficult subject for her, so when Chantel was highly recommended, we jumped at the chance to work with her.  From day one, she has not disappointed.  Our daughter returned from each session more comfortable and confident.  Her test results immediately improved and she scored much higher than expected on the math portion of her SAT.

Absolutely no regrets and 5 stars for sure!"

— Jason Shimizu, Parent

     December 2017

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