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"10/10. They provide clear explanations and are able to cater to your learning style easily. Not only do they help you study the material, they help you with study strategies that work for you."

— Sofia H., Punahou, May 2019

— Del G., Punahou, May 2019

"I can't say enough about Chantel Chang. She is an amazing math tutor. Before I started with Chantel I was struggling in math and felt discouraged. My math scores were low, and my confidence was even lower. After only two months, every test I have taken, has been my highest score. On my last test, I got only one wrong. That equals an "A". Chantel is very thorough in her tutoring. After each lesson, she emails a review, complete with diagrams and explanations to my parents and I. I highly recommend Chantel Chang!"

— Mahina, 8th grade, March 2018

"Over the course of my Middle and High School career I have met with Chantel to strengthen my knowledge of mathematics. I have been receiving tutoring from Chantel for the past four years, and I believe it has drastically improved my grades and my confidence on the subject matter. I now walk into each math class with more confidence and I am more attentive than ever. I know find it easier to focus in class since I have found a new appreciation for the subject of mathematics. Before my tutoring lessons, I would often be left behind and I wouldn’t ask questions to keep up with my fellow classmates. But after my tutoring lessons all my questions would be answered and I was encouraged by Chantel to participate more in class (which I did). With this strong foundation, I can excel in more complicated mathematical subject areas such as Calculus. Chantel is an excellent tutor; she tutors people to their own abilities, meaning that she knows what his/her boundaries are. She is very outgoing and patient, which rubs off on her students, if there is a problem or a student doesn’t quite understand the material, she will go over the troubled subject over a course of lessons to make sure that the student has mastered it. My overall experience with Chantel has been great; she creates a great learning environment and is very understanding, which allows me to learn and retain the material very easily."

—Javier, 12th grade, Maryknoll, June 2017

"Thank you so much Ms. Chang!  I really enjoyed this semester with you; it was the best I've done in math in high school and I really appreciated how you ran the class and were so thorough in lessons!"

— Nicole, 11th grade, Punahou, May 2017

"Dear Ms. Chang, I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching style and upbeat demeanor during my time in Advanced Pre-Calculus. Your presentations were SO helpful, and I really appreciated how you uploaded them to Google Classroom."

—Junior at Punahou, May 2017

"All we can say is thank goodness for you! Thank you for always being there for our daughter and being such a positive and encouraging force in her life. We are so super grateful." 

— Shirley S., Parent, June 2020



"As an educator with over twenty years of experience, I am very impressed with Chantel. She has a fantastic demeanor and knows how to adjust her approach depending on the individual student's maturity, interest, and level. She makes math relevant to the student, which is especially necessary for those that feel they are "not good at math." My daughter's confidence in her math ability and her persistence solving complex problems have greatly improved due to Chantel's tutelage. The best testaments are that my daughter enjoys math even more now, asks to go back every week to see Chantel, and works on her own time to prepare for the next class."


— Michael G., Parent, May 2019

"10/10. Chantel is an amazing tutor for my child. She explains things in a way that the student can understand, is patient, and provides terrific follow-up notes/summary after each session."

— Brenda, Parent, May 2019

"Tutoring with Chantel is worth every cent! Our son’s grades, study habits, and confidence has improved.

Points of difference: 
• After each tutoring session an email is sent to us recapping the session. It helps us (parents) know how our son did, what was taught, and how he can improve. It is very thorough and customized for our son’s math. We like having our son to review the emails as it includes math rules, orders of operation, helpful links, vocabulary, equations, and great advice. 
• They are adept at math so no tutoring time is wasted.
• They help our son to be able to solve math problems/equations on his own.
• They are open to any questions outside of tutoring sessions.
• They are likeable, responsive, and easy to communicate with.
We highly recommend CC’s Tutoring."

— Charlene, Parent, September 2018



"Entering that all-so-important Junior year, our daughter began Algebra II/Trig with much trepidation, anxiety and so-so scores.  Algebra has always been a difficult subject for her, so when Chantel was highly recommended, we jumped at the chance to work with her.  From day one, she has not disappointed.  Our daughter returned from each session more comfortable and confident.  Her test results immediately improved and she scored much higher than expected on the math portion of her SAT.

Absolutely no regrets and 5 stars for sure!"

— Jason Shimizu, Parent, December 2017

"Chantel was my son's math tutor for over three years, when he was in the middle school. She has great communication skills and helped my son to get his math work done. My son was always on top of his math homework with Chantel's help, and his teachers thought he was really good in math, even though in fact, math was not his favorite subject. I highly recommend Chantel as your student's math tutor."


— Bonnie, Parent, May 2017


"I first met Chantel when she was selected from an elite group of applicants to participate in the 2011 Ethnomathematics Institute, which annually brings together kindergarten through university teachers and students to design and implement curriculum grounded in the ethnic, historical, and cultural diversities of our island home.  Together we explored promising practices and connections to mathematics courses, and integrated research activities with statewide, regional, and national initiatives.  Institute scholars engaged in mathematics field studies throughout the Hawaiian islands at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology’s Moku o Lo‘e in Kāne‘ohe Bay, Mokauea Island Fishing Village in Ke‘ehi Lagoon, Waimea Valley, and Kalaupapa National Historical Park on the island of Moloka‘i.  Through first-hand mathematical experiences on land and sea, we discussed intersections quantitative literacy, modelling, and real world applications.  Chantel’s lesson plan was published on “Vectors and Celestial Navigation.”


Over the years, I have witnessed the way Chantel generously gives of her time to within and outside of the classroom community.  For example, she has served as program manager and mentor for the SOEST Maile Mentoring Bridge, an individualized mentoring outreach program to recruit Native Hawaiian, kama‘āina, and underrepresented minorities into the ocean and earth sciences.  She has also provided service with the Science Communicators ‘Ohana, SOEST Open House, Mālama Maunalua, Reef Watch Waikiki, Paepae o He‘eia, Papahana Kuaola, Polynesian Voyaging Society, and International Student Volunteers.  These complement her well-rounded personality and compassionate character, and allow her to reach students of all ages and backgrounds."

— Dr. Linda Furuto

     Professor of Mathematics Education

     University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

     September 2017

"...If I could think of three phrases to describe Chantel they would be hard working, contemplative and determined.


Chantel comes to school early and leaves late. She works tirelessly to prepare her lectures, grade student work, conference with students and collaborate with other teachers in her sub-departments... In fact, she sees that the teacher needs to be almost "over prepared" for each class that she teaches. True to form, Chantel does every class assignment, carefully thinks through the approach to each lesson and tries to engage the students in class.

As a mindful practitioner, Chantel is also contemplative. When a colleague or a student asks a question, Chantel allows time to think about her answer before responding. She tries to be honest with her students and works hard to be prepared for questions as well as giving students time to ask questions of her. Chantel also provides thoughtful feedback to her colleagues. She comes prepared to sub-department (teachers only) meetings with good ideas having already worked on test drafts and worksheets prior to meetings.

Finally, Chantel is determined. I have rarely seen a MAP (Mentoring at Punahou teacher) work so hard at perfecting her craft. Chantel is a very teachable person. She takes constructive criticism thoughtfully and carefully. She works to integrate new ideas into her teaching style. She is thoughtful, humble and intentional about working with others to become an effective teacher.

Chantel has had a productive year as a first-year teacher at Punahou. Her positive outlook and growth mindset have made her a pleasure to work with all year."

— Janet Oshiro

     Punahou Math Department Chair

     March 2017

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